Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Adidas jackets for the people

now you know where to hide your piece??

As High as Alife get

Every day the sun shines the God of the materialists blesses us with more Alife tee´s
High Quality tee´s from one of our best brand´s hands down!
Its hard not to spend some money when Alife lands. need it, got to have it!!!

how high can you get?


The Six Feet Down and Cali Crew has been invited to play at Trädgårdscupen.
There will be live music, BBQ beer and other refreshments, we will play from 10:00-19:30 (the final is at 19:30 in wich we will play and win).
Afterwards there is a huge party at Trådgården for all the teams and their supporters so come and cheer for us at hjorthagen and later on at trädgården.
We will celebrate the victory in Style, as always.You dont have to be a crazy soccer fan to come and cheer, we just want you to come and enyoy yourselfs!it´s gonna be awsome dudes and dudettes

Monday, July 30, 2007

Michael Jackson wears jordans!!!

Today sneaker happy Playing for keeps landed in store and as always the jordan loving PFK keeps it real with new fresh jordan associations.
But you can also find the older classic prints in old and new colours. enyoy

Say no to drugs n footlocker, make a statement?

Crack´n Gun Hype

Kiss my Jordans 3´s
Dead Legends???

Wacko Jacko goes Jordan

Money cash!

You can find more prints and colours at our webshop. http://www.caliroots.com/

Friday, July 27, 2007


1 of a kind
Andreas & Per got to make Their own "IDs" at Reebok booth in BBBarcelona last month, today they arrived. Per went with the trendy Orange as accent. Andreas made an insane pair of metallics to his girlfriend. Sadly wrong size arrived.. So this Unique pair is up for grabs.. 1000Sek (Instore Only) he wants for them. Good romantic dinner money.. Oh.. "L11A" means "Elva".. its like "Fairy" in english..

SIZE 7 = 37,5

Blue/purple metallic

the text on the back
L11A Stands for älva wich means Fairy in Swedish

We are sitting on a great hand, all we need is the King of Spades and the ACE of spades

Royal Flush Collection
Yes! The first three model are here, the 10 of spades the Jack and the Queen.
some of the poker sharks have already been here to get what the so desperatly need. the royal flush is almost completed.

to get the Joker you need to register all your pairs at www.rbkcustom.com/joker


Redemption must take place during the redemtion period
SEPT 1 2007- SEPT 15 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Alife tee´s and Nike Shirts at Six Feet

New York Hype from Alife

For a long time alifes fresh sneakers have been blessing our customers i Stockholm, this drop is one we all have been waiting for a very long time. Something to match to your Alife kicks with.

Alife tee´s finally here!
Some seen before if you know what´s up. If you dont know you better get your ass over for the best in tee´s n sneakers. i know i will pick a few of them....

if you cant stop by, get yours at our website http://www.caliroots.com/

Nike white label clothing have really stepped the game up.... nice shirt ..very nice shirt

Im Out!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nike Dunks and Air Max to drewl over

The Nike Shipments keep coming and one of this years freshest sneakers has landed.

The Dunk is simply fantastic. Together with the Air Max kicks that also landed. The Sneaker wall is starting to take place.

Wmns Air Max 90, dont mid the wmns tag on this one, we pushed it up to Wmns "US 12 = 44,5" european size so unless you are a size 11mens size or bigger this is a shoe for you!
This Dunk is one of the best sneakers this year, Finally a black sneaker that really works

AWSOME DUUUUDE!Perfect to my Acapulco Gold denims!

Now we have three new Air Max 1´s http://www.caliroots.se/


All this and a Blowout sale that knocks you out, but hurry. Sneakers are flying away
and more, visit the website http://www.caliroots.se/ or drop by the store for more kicks

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


UndrCrwn and Adidas Presents


Inspired by the flavors of the early 90,s Undr crwn uses Some of the most iconic Adidas basketball sneakers wich has been Undr Crwned. With nostalgic motifs of the era where peace was the message.
Its time to stop shooting people and start shooting baskets again..

Another suprising yet interesting collabo between one of the bigger brands (Adidas) and an upcoming one (Undr Crwn) will drop at Six Feet Down in a couple of weeks.

As the only store in Sweden we are happy to be able to add even more flavor/colour to the Nordic sneakermarket, wich has been one of our main goals since the opening of SFD.

Read more after the drop!!