Friday, May 29, 2009

Swagger like a gladiator

These gladiator inspired kicks must be one of the most unique pair of shoes released in a while, doubtful at first but these sandals rock!
Not that strange there Nike´s avalible at

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vi på Cali/Sfd har öppet som vanligt i pingst. Det betyder som följer!

Pingstafton (Lördag) 12-17.00(Sneakerswap)
Pingsdagen (söndag) Stängt

some pics from last year

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time to sneakerswap

Jaaa, så var det dags igen för årets upplaga av "Sneaker Swap Meet" !!Nu på lördag den 30/5 kör vi hela dagen mellan 12-18.00 på Calibutikens bakgård.Vi har ett 30 tal bord som visar upp sneakersamlares godsaker och sneakerleverantörers jippon med tävlingar och promos!!!Drickat kommer från RedBull och maten görs av DFC aka "Dante Fried Chicken" !!Inget inträde och mat & dricka bjuder vi på. Men ta med lite cash, då det kommer att finnas fina sneakers att köpa..Vi har möjligtvis ett eller 2 bord kvar.. mejla för intresse.Eftersom solen har lovat att skina på oss och våra DJ polare Taro, Peldawg, Shitxfaced Crew och Vietnaam kommer att lira, så blir det en folkfest du inte vill missa!!


Six Feet down, Caliroots preppy store.
Boat shoes are really picking up and so are we. four strong new colors avalible instore
Great finish in premium leathers and the are just as cofortable as you want a new pair of shoes to be 1299:-sek 120 eur
all four colors are great but my personal favorites must be the navy/red/blue ones


Friday, May 22, 2009

Tables full of must haves

Yepp, I want everything on this table from the Navy/white/red Sebagos. the Nike premium sneakers to the Adidas vintage track jacket. Oh yeah and the suede Voltas. My lunch next month will consist of Instant noodles, water and spices.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colors of Alife

Alife are back with new colors and styles for the summer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hoodies and Tracktops

The wall is filled with shoes, jacket, tracktops, and other must have items.

Vintage is the only word that really can describe this jacket, the chest logo is replaced by a small adidas logo at the bottom of the jacket. very very clean.

899:-83 eur

Gets me thinking of the sea, can it be the colors? all in all a very nice looking hoodie

799:- 73 Eur

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jordans 1´s (Girl´s)

Last week was so hectic so we didnt manage to get these Icy Pink Jordans on paper until today. I know I have a lot of friends waiting for this one. You snooze you loose

Opening hours this week- Ascension Day: Closed!

Monday 11:00-18:30
Tuesday 11:00-18:30
Wednesday 11:00-18:30
Thursday Closed (Ascension Day)
Friday 11:00-18:30
Saturday 12:00-17:00
Sunday Closed

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sneakerswap meet 2009 bigger and better then ever!

Time has come to dig out your old rarites and stop by at our sneakerswap meet. the date is may 30th. If you are intrested in selling sneakers at this event send an email to

More and more

Nike keeps pushing goods like never before, and the selection of must haves is growing faster then my wallet can afford, but I guess you cant have everything. Looks like the summer is saved anyway.

Royal mid´s again just wanted some in action pictures. a really nice premium hi top for you who knows good quality.

Vintage Tennis classics the best white beater this season, very forgiving and very nice..

one of the best lights in a while

Cant get any more classic then theese. nylon cortez bangers.

Check out the rest at

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Air Elan, Air Max 1´s Pegasus, and a whole lot more..

As every year the best drops seems to come when the weather is a bit better and the staff a bit happier, the last couple of days we have been praising the new Volta shoes, and then two days later the Elan makes its entry, and the same story can be told there. love at first sight. Love them Nike´s

Elan 1299:-sek
120 Eur

with a pair of 505´s

Then. Today, the best Air Max 1 in many years knocked on the door, i would with out a doubt place these in the same category as the earliest colorways..
bad as hell, and i dont think you will find them anywhere else then here in sweden. get your money and run down top speed!

The rest is also good as hell but Ill save the detailed pics for some other day,

Pegasus 1099:-Sek
101 Eur

lights 1299.- sek
120 Eur

Big Windows 1299:- sek
120 Eur

Air forces 999:-sek
92 Eur