Thursday, May 14, 2009

Air Elan, Air Max 1´s Pegasus, and a whole lot more..

As every year the best drops seems to come when the weather is a bit better and the staff a bit happier, the last couple of days we have been praising the new Volta shoes, and then two days later the Elan makes its entry, and the same story can be told there. love at first sight. Love them Nike´s

Elan 1299:-sek
120 Eur

with a pair of 505´s

Then. Today, the best Air Max 1 in many years knocked on the door, i would with out a doubt place these in the same category as the earliest colorways..
bad as hell, and i dont think you will find them anywhere else then here in sweden. get your money and run down top speed!

The rest is also good as hell but Ill save the detailed pics for some other day,

Pegasus 1099:-Sek
101 Eur

lights 1299.- sek
120 Eur

Big Windows 1299:- sek
120 Eur

Air forces 999:-sek
92 Eur