Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adidas Originals Fall/Winter styles

Some styles that are new this week; Adidas Originals Chase by Ransom, ZX Trx Mid & Winter Star.
These three models that are adapted for Fall/Winter. We have The ZX Tr Mid that has a more sneaker/boot look while the Chase and Winter star has that dressy boot silhouette. All, perfectly done in fine leather/Suede materials. Availible in store!

Price info after the pictures..

Shoe 1 - Adidas Original Ransom Chase / 1999 Sek / 199 €
Shoe 2 - Adidas Originals ZX Tr Mid / 1199 Sek / 119 €
Shoe 3 - Adidas Originals Winter Star / 1699 Sek / 169 €

Online soon!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Adidas Originals x Animal print pack 2012

Here we have the latest Adidas Original release. The Animal print pack in four different styles and shapes. We have Honey mid in Tiger print, Superstar in Leo & Zebra print and last but not least we have the Honey Winter in Leo print as well. All four looking fabolous. These are ofcourse availible in store and will be online later. ENJOY!

Price info after the pictures.

Adidas Originals,

Honey Winter - 1199 Sek / 119 €
Honey Mid - 799 Sek / 79 €
Superstar 2 - 999 Sek / 99 €

Monday, September 17, 2012

Nike Sportswear x Outfit x Fall x 2012

It's a new week and we wanted to start it with an inspirational photography. We have set up an outfit by Nike Sportswear, and from their new Fall collection. We wanted to combine a more Basketball look but in a classic way. The whole outfit felt right combining the Nike Destroyer jacket in Canvas together with an AW77 Hoodie in Grey to make a contrast. Kicks from Jordan, Air Jordan 1 Phat. And for that perfect complete,  Raiders Fitted Cap by New Era. And you're good to go!

The outfit will be avalible online soon, but if you can't wait then Regeringsgatan 77 is the place to
hit today!

Price info after the pictures.



Nike Sportswear Canvas Destroyer (Navy/White) 1699:- / 169 €
Nike Sportswear Aw77 Hoodie (Grey with Black detailing) 799 Sek / 79 €
Nike Sportswear "Fast as ****" Tee - 299 Sek / 129 €
Air Jordan Phat 1 - 999 Sek / 99 €
New Era Raiders fittet cap - 399 Sek / 39 €

Thursday, September 13, 2012

News: Adidas Originals Campus 80's

News @ SFD Sneaker Store, Adidas Originals Campus 80's Black on Black!
Comes in nubuk upper & Suede stripes. Clean and simple but still with some nice details.

Availible in store today, and online later...

Price: 999 SEK / 99 Euro

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Friday, September 07, 2012

adidas Originals fall jackets

Fist fall deliverys from adidas Origionals are in the store right now. So let's take a look at the jackets, perfect for the first cold mornings in september.

Instore now and soon online.

adidas Originals Padded WB Jacket 899 SEK

adidas Originals Wool Varcaty Jacket 1999 SEK

adidas Originals PB WB Jacket 1199 SEK

adidas Originals David BeckahamMA-1 Jacket 1999 SEK

Also in the outfit:
adidas Originals PB Crew 799 SEK
adidas Originals G Girl tee 299 SEK
LVC1967 505 Rigid 1499 SEK
adidas Originals Campus 80's 999 SEK