Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outfit by Adidas ObyO Kazuki

ObyO and Japanese Kazuki brings another clean collection for Spring 11 to us! We wanted to give you a small "street" look of the brand new Kazuki line as an Outfit. Per is showing us how to wear it with style!


ObyO Plants Jacket
. Made in waxed canvas! (179 €/1799 Sek)
ObyO KZK Long Thermal
. (89 €/899 Sek)
ObyO KZK Sweat Pants.
(119 €/1199 Sek)
Sneakers: Stan Smith 80's M
. Jam Home Made. (149 €/1499 Sek)

We also wanted to show the Adidas OT Woven Track top, if you prefer a more casual look. (Klick on links for more detailed looks)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adidas Originals Womens Denim!!

Last week we had this great Adidas Originals Denim line launch, where we introduced you the Adidas Originals Jeans, showing images of the Mens fits. Here's a second round, this time showing you our Womens fit. Adidas W Cupie Skinny Jeans. Comes in two different colors, Blue and Black! Come by us at Regeringsgatan 77 and try a pair!

Adidas Originals W Cupie Skinny Jeans - Blue. 119 €/1199 Sek

Online soon!!

Adidas Originals W Cupie Skinny Jeans - Black. 79 € / 799 Sek

Online soon!

Friday, March 25, 2011

SFD x Adidas Originals Denim Launch Party

We had an awesome night yesterday, celebrating Adidas Originals Denim line.
The Party was successful and we want to thank you everyone that was
involved and made the night. Special thank's to R1900, Budweiser,
Makers Mark, Panda models, Dj Price and ofcourse Adidas Originals!

Check some of the pics here.
Or go to our Facebook page for the full cover.

Photos by: Arslan Golic

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GET IT ON Party with adidas Originals!

adidas Originals has made a number of ads of their big Denim campaign, featuring a group of customers "getting it on" in the change rooms. They're really inviting us to join! Let's get it on!!

You can also GET IT ON with us:

adidas Originals Denim launch party!
When: 24/3 b 1etween 19,00-22,00
Where: Six Feet Down, Regeringsgatan 77
Music: Marcus Price (Basutbudet)
Food: Resturang 1900

FB Event here.

RSVP for the party @

Monday, March 21, 2011

Adidas Originals Denim x Part 1

Togeher with Adidas Originals we introduce the brand new Adidas Originals Denim line & invites us to Get it On!

Adidas Originals Denim comes in three different fits, the Conductor, which is a classic straight leg, the Rekord, a slimmer, tapered carrot fit & a skinny womens fit. The jeans are of course designed to go together perfectly with sneakers & comes with wax coated sneaker protector to will keep your kicks nice & clean!

Check out the photos & videos below for a overall look of the mens jeans!

This thursday march 24 we're throwing a party together with Adidas celebrating the launch of the Adidas Originals Denim collection! Please note that we are closing our store at 18.00 and re-open at 19.00 to 22.00.

20 year age limit.

RSVP for the party @

Video for Conductor Jeans:

Video for Rekord Carrot Jeans:

Puma Suede classic 2011

In 1968, the Puma Suede classic was born! By the end of the 80's the Puma classic
became a symbol in Hop Hop & Breaking culture. Developed into an iconic shoe!

Here it is, The Puma Classic Suede, Back in three new colorways; Burgundy, Black and Purple suede! Classics just can't go wrong!
Price: 79 € / 799 Sek

Puma Suede Classic - Black (online soon)