Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outfit by Adidas ObyO Kazuki

ObyO and Japanese Kazuki brings another clean collection for Spring 11 to us! We wanted to give you a small "street" look of the brand new Kazuki line as an Outfit. Per is showing us how to wear it with style!


ObyO Plants Jacket
. Made in waxed canvas! (179 €/1799 Sek)
ObyO KZK Long Thermal
. (89 €/899 Sek)
ObyO KZK Sweat Pants.
(119 €/1199 Sek)
Sneakers: Stan Smith 80's M
. Jam Home Made. (149 €/1499 Sek)

We also wanted to show the Adidas OT Woven Track top, if you prefer a more casual look. (Klick on links for more detailed looks)

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