Monday, March 31, 2008

Big guys have big feet and need big shoes

Its not every day you sell a pair of size 18´s

New week, new shoes regeringsgatan 75-77 is the new

Monday morning and a new Nike shipment landed in store

The25 year anniversary of the dunk has brought us some real nice kicks this year, check out our dunk wall when you stop by!

First customer of the day bought a pair of dunks, he just had to have a pair!

New Kicks
I really like what Nike did with this one, two clean colors and thats it. Keep it clean

Air Max 90´s in black n white, you know we like the Nike runners

Who doesnt want a pair of court traditons in gold? i know I am getting my girl a pair anyway

Party on!

Chamillionaire tonight 31/3 @ our neighbourhood club NALEN.
Got a ticket? Swing by the store and get a 10% discount, today only!
New kicks makes them girls and boys go wild!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another BOMB from our beloved Nike!

A beautiful spring saturday and SFD is packed with new perfect windbreakers in every possible flavour. We got stripes, faded, rain camo, see-trough, übersoft materials, "satin" for the girls, amazing next level stuff from the TECH PACK and even some with purple detailing! You won't be dissapointed, we promise! See a few in the teaser pics below...

It's time to ditch that old winterjacket and throw on a fresh new windbreaker and feel the nice springbreeze.
The Store is open between 12-17. Welcome!

New brand @ SFD

The latest brand to hit the new SFD store is K-SWISS!
Starting with the classic well-known K-Swiss style, now in a luxury edition with superb buttery leather. K-Swiss is all about that simple and clean look!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Praise Mother Nature!

We just recieved the first style from the new Adidas GRÜN concept, a beautiful/crazy ZX500 in different shades of moneygreen with a mexicaninspired poncho-printed tongue.
VERY springfresh!

The GRÜN concept is based on recycled and nature-friendly produced materials, all in the spirit of the everyday disscussion of the dramatic climate changes.
Remeber, even the small things makes a difference!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The lost pics

well not lost but you might have missed them see them on the Rodeo blog!


When the sun shines Nike delivers!

Well, the weather is improving and with good weather comes new Nike sneaks, two new dunks a hi blazer for both boys n girls and a brand new air max 90.

kungsgatan 13:00 Beware the winds are strong and its not as warm as it looks.

(new Nikes)

dunk low´s


blazer mid (wmns n mens sizes)