Monday, June 30, 2008



They're back!

All sizes just got restocked and these we'll definitely fly out of the store, so hurry hurry!

Adi News

Got some new Adidas to show you today!

First up is a summerfresh ZX800, hurry up if you want 'em 'cus these will sell out in no-time...

Our first drop from the City Series, the London. Casual clean look wih red suede and a raw rubber outsole. Classic.

The sweet Superstar 80's with a slight vintage look, bone/yellow outsole, and classic colors.

S**t! This is the reason why we love Adidas. The clean classic Green Star in über soft grey suede and light bone stripes. Whether you rock that old skool hip-hop, the casual or just plain simple, this one's for you!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Buy more, get more, be happy ?

From Sex in the City to Six Feet Down in 2.27.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


In the sale frenzy its easy to miss the new releases that lands instore. but by staying updated on our blogs gives you a chance to find out before we release them on the web, and before everyone else..

we just recieved two thirds of the olympic medal inspired AM1´s from Nike. As you know its not long until the olympic games take place and what better way to celebrate this by haifing one of the three medals. A natural instinct is going for gold. but the bronze version is just as good as gold when it comes to theese puppys.


the new nike sportswear box... awsome!!!!!!

then there is a Blazer mid in white. a real winner that speaks to everyone. Enyoy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wadood´s back in town

Release Party!

Tag Town - Graffitins utveckling i New York 1963–1982
Graffitin har nått jordens mest avlägsna hörn och blivit historiens största konströrelse. Det viktigaste att skapa en egen och originell tag, och varje graffitiskrivare börjar med det.
Fotografierna i Tag Town berättar om graffitins ursprung i New York från det tidiga sextiotalet. Tag Town innehåller unika bilder på gatukonst av konsttnärer som Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring och Kenny Scharf vars tag-inspirerade arbeten ligger till grund för dagens snabbt expanderande gatukonst-rörelse. Texterna bygger på intervjuer med Blade, Part 1 och Snake 1, alla graffitipionjärer i New York. Martha Cooper är fotograf och ligger bakom böcker som Hip Hop Files och Steet Play, har blivit en av världens främsta skildrare av urban kultur.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Oh, sh*t! Last night's Jay-Z show here in Stockholm was INSANE! We feel sorry for those who missed it, words can't describe what a good night it was...

You probably didn't notice Jigga's shoes but he kicked the Supra NS Skytop, a Cali SFD exclusive! So come on, get that dirt of your shoulders, and rock the same kicks as Jiggaman!

In-store and online HERE

Yes, we're open!

Come get your new fresh kicks for midsummer, we're open 10-15 today. The sale is still goin' strong...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yupp, it's on! The big SFD summersale. This time it's 2 for 1, you pick out 2 styles and get the cheaper pair for free. Yes, you heard me, FOR FREE!! Hurry hurry, instore only!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jordan Fusion the long awaited relese

The funny thing about this is, that this is the one that we first saw pictures of, the one fusion sneaker that started all the hype, and its one of the last to be released, well its finally here.
The amazing Air Force 1 x Jordan 5 OG colorway!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Adidas Summer Fotball

yesterday we hosted an Adidas*SFD Summer soccer event and It turned out just great more pics later but here is a preview

Thanks to Adidas red stripe and Playstation for this great event!

Jamaican beer!
soccer competition is a must at an event like this!

The Baouss!!!


Lorentz throwing up gang signs like no other, what crew?? (world of warcraft) Per is taking it easy with an easy south side sthlm sign

Eugen Perelli, and Carlos blessed us by showing up

Soccer mode!

The winners of the pro competition Sadibou, Max And Håkan who scored the most beautiful goal with Zlatan after an amazing solo performance that he finished of with an humiliating lob.... that goal gave him the Official Euro Pass EC ball. Big Thanks to Adidas and Playstation...

Carhartt Johan and HOEP EINAR

Nedia and Linda

Ida and Joel

Emo Vic Sandra and Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaali Maaaaaaangiii

helluva party broke out

Sadiboy was in a good mood

Black Attack

Max aka: Cartman, Brad Maxham the blackbelt Tkd master destroyed the competition and walked away as the big winner after beating sadi after the best of the best final match

she workes as NK

maouns: aka, adidas own party animal and Viktor from gola turned on the heat behind the deck


David from berns got hooked up with a pair a pair of adidas
Cali friends always loyal here with Linda
DJ Taro
Per and David