Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Sneaker swap is on!

Time to grill.
Meat wagon
and the hustlin has started!
Sneaky, Greedy sneaker salesman, watch out.
The weather was not that forgiving

Sam from B-Line!

Sneakers in all sizes n models.


Sneakers by the pound, is that the AM 90 from the Colour pack that never was released

More sneakerposts later on today!

Friday, September 28, 2007

More Sneakerswap sneakers.

Can i temp you with a pair of Jordans size 11, avalible tomorrow at our sneakerswap meet!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

mjune of the day brought to you by Alife, Mishka

Alife Mishka Oakley,

Mange poses in todays mjune. shoes from Alifes latest fall collection, with a flanel shirt from Mishka and Oakleys frogskins.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


as you might know, we are hosting Swedens first sneakerswapmeet at our backyard this saturday. and my guess is that you will find alot of sweet sneaks to lay your hands on, here is a preview of what to come.


Adam Tensta at caliroots sneaker swap meet

Yupp! ya heard!!! Adam Tensta will will be at caliroots the 29/9 at the sneakerswap meet. performing som bangin tunes, pehaps something you have never heard before...
Anyways here download his latest mixtape here, features timbuktu, and our homeboy Anthony Mills among others. download it here...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Taro is a Nike head

my boy DJ Taro was here to pick up some of the freshest. Nikes tech windrunner and a pair of crispy white air max 90´s. nice setup

Get Laced

We got a big shipment of laces last week and they are finally online. Match them up with your infrareds, or perhaps your tiffany dunks.

comes in two models the SB Laces that are a bit thicker and oval, and the regular flat ones.
find all the colours here

Guess you can say that we have all colours you can think of, so get laced son.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Creative recreation at SFD Fall 07

Now Instore!
Erik fell in love at first sight, so you better hurry before he comes to collect them, you have about 5 days until they are goone!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sneaker Swap Meet!!!!!

Sweden Only:

14/9 Japp, vi har nu satt datum för Stockholms första Sneaker Swap Meet!
Lördag 29/9 mellan 12.00-17.00 förvandlas innergården bakom Cali-butiken på Brunnsgatan 9 till en marknadsplats för alla stans sneakerheads! Så här går det till:
Hyr ett bord av oss och ta fram alla gamla oanvända sneaks som du aldrig fått användning för.. Kanske du oxå sitter på några fina grails som du bara använt ett par-tre gånger?
För trött för att hustla med bayen eller blocket? Nu kan du sälja av eller byta med andra!
Du sätter ditt eget pris.Om du inte har tillräckligt med sneaks för att fylla ett bord, dela med en polare!
Bordskostnad: 500:- för ett helt, 250:- för en halva. Begränsat antal bord. Först till kvarn!Korvgrillning, bira & läsk for free.. På kvällen har vi styrt upp ett skönt ställe för gemensamt härj!
Sista anmälningsdag: Måndag den 24/9. kl.18.00. Maila till (eller ring Per i butiken på 08-56849908).Denna lördag kommer bli ett fantastikt tillfälle att mingla med andra heads, sälja av lite puppor och kanske även gör ett och annat steal själv!

Most Wanted Re-stocks

If you missed the first run of the Adidas Gazelle OP (white/white) or the white Air Zoom BB Street (white/black) from nike its time to start moving towards Cali n Six Feet, cause a box of new ones just landed.. Hurry!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alife Fall -07

Alife Fall collections are always top notch and this year is better then ever.

we posted the infrigement pack a couple of days ago, but well there is more!
It looks like This fall n winter spells Alife!!

Well dressed Boy, All Alife shoes comes with diffrent sets of laces, so if you dont like the purple ones there is another colout to pick.

Alife n Six Feet collabo??
No but this is how i would imagine it to look like


Almost forgot, we got some Alifes for the ladies from size 4

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All Star Specialty XX-Hi

Converse Chuck Taylors is one of the most known sneaker profiles of all times, but this XX Hi model sure takes the price as one of the more playful releases of the Allstar Concept.

This is the hottest right now. I am just a bit sad they didnt make them in Mens sizes ?!?

Wear them as a traditional Boot or fold them down for that lepard camo look

Lepard patterned inside gives you the luxourious touch you always have