Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Nike is not alone with celebrating 25 years for their AF1.
GSHOCK celebrates 25 years aswell and as you might have seen they are doin it with KIKS TYO and NEW BALANCE,

Kiks tyo reps the splatter with a New Balance*GSHOCK*Kiks Tyo collabo

GSHOCK tee with the detaling from the hoodie below
now is the time to mune up for real, match up with A Reversible hoodie, a Tee with the freshest Asian girl posing in a splatter bikiki and NB sneaks. Then top it of with the masterpicece watch from GSHOCK that also comes in a Splatter pattern, Nuf Said check the pics then click here to be directed to the Caliwebsite to get started, then start looking for the sneaks!

The NB shoes are currently here on display, so stop by the store for some sneakerporn

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nike M65 Techpack jacket

its finally here, the best jacket ever has arrived,

No nike logos very simple design very clean, with no sew technology, which means that there's no holes for the water to seep in to at the seams. The zippers are waterproof and the seams are protected and strenghtened by a rubber film on the in- och outside of the jacket, a true masterpiece no doubt

Amigos n amigas this is this is this decades best M65

Magic n Knicks

two more NBA styles from Adidas now lined up nicely on our sneaker wall at sfd, Orlando Magic´s and NY knicks in strong team colours, even though they dont scream Knicks and Orlando as the previous models did, these are far more cleaner!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tech Pack M65

Tomorrow Nikes M65 jacket will land instore, this is by far the best jacket from nike ever, I know i have said it before, but thats the past tomorrows the future,
Comes in two colours
Price 3499:-

Ol dirty, Jordan 5´s And the new levis 505 1967

Mune of the day
reason tee with ol dirty, Jordan 5´s hundreds hat n a pair of levis 505´s

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This one arrived today aswell, Jordan has blessed us!
se previous posts for the other jordan styles we have instore



Etnies+ fall styles now instore

the more limited branch of etnies (etnies+) is now instore
the wmns styles will only be sold instore, but the mens models will be online next week.
Etnies+ has always keept their models tight, meaning that i have never seen a pair produced in more then 500 pairs.

So if you are looking for a shoe that not that many people are running around in and in clean fall colours Etnies+ is a very good choise!

something for the ladies!


SFD is stepping the game up a notch,

Jordans are now instore at Caliroots sneaker store SFD
only a few pair of the black cat (Jordan 3) and the Jordan 5 so they wont be for sale one the website.

If you really want a pair you can contact us by calling 08 568 499 08 or Mail us at

More Jordans will be with us at the end of november, and a run of the wht/blue/yellow Spiz´ikes will be instore later on today

Se the black cat commercial here


Assult the winter
Match them up with the coming snow

The white Assults that we had in august are back, they sold out so quick that even I missed to grab me a pair. I wont miss them this time!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


From Paris with love

Another AF1 from Nikes 25 year Anniversary, the last one this year.
Next year Nike will celebrate another iconic model, guess we will have to wait n see, right?

just a few sizes so hurry

Monday, October 22, 2007

New Nike Super Blazer

the super blazer is here, two more colours later on, what can I say about this one, well its one of the most comfortable sneaker i have ever tried, lightweight, clean and oh so fresh!

the sole is inspired from nikes free models. Think you need to try it to recognize it!

Fall Packs from Nike

Sneakers for fall n winter

Nike has deliverd lots of awsome fall packs, dont hesitate sneakers works just aswell in the harsh cold. here are some nice packs from nike

LumerjacksBrown Pack
Purple Pack
Tweed pack

Friday, October 19, 2007

And the Nominees are

Nominees from the masquerade
A big thank you to all of you who joined the masquerade, here are the nominees for the Reebok costume competition!

Vote for your favorite Boy and Gal and send your answer to

MEN´s Nominees




WMNS Nominees




The winner will be picked by votes and by the Cali Crewand will be anounced in next weeks news letter,

Its voting time!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


The Reebok Voltron pack has arrived, remeber that u will need all five to save the Universe!

Will be release tonight 19.00 instore and 21.00 online. 12 pairs of each modell came, and they are all quite colorstrong and sweet. Collect all to be able to put to gether the difrent lion robots to make up the Big VOLTRON DEFENDER! Super nice packaging too! go directly to the website here

All orders will be shipped with the special release tee!!

Court Victory Pump 1299:- Sek

This is the Court Victory Pump based on the character Keith of the Galaxy Alliance Lion Force from the hit series Voltron that was the number one animated series during the 80's. Keith is the pilot, navigating the Black Lion that makes up Voltron's head.

Pump Omni Lite 1299:- Sek

This is the Pump Omni Lite based on the character Hunk of the Galaxy Alliance Lion Force from the hit series Voltron that was the number one animated series during the 80's. Hunk is the pilot navigating the Yellow Lion that is making up the right leg of Voltron.

Insta Pump Fury 1499:- Sek

This is the Insta Pump Fury based on the character Lance of the Galaxy Alliance Lion Force from the hit series Voltron that was the number one animated series during the 80's. Lance is the pilot, navigating the Red Lion that is making up the right arm of Voltron

ERS Racer 899:- Sek

This is the ERS Racer based on the character Pidge of the Galaxy Alliance Lion Force from the hit series Voltron that was the number one animated series during the 80's. Pidge is the pilot navigating the Green Lion that is making up the left arm of Voltron

Ventilator 999:- Sek

This is the Ventilator based on the character Princess Allura of the Galaxy Alliance Lion Force from the hit series Voltron that was the number one animated series during the 80's. Allura is the pilot navigating the Blue Lion that is making up the right leg of Voltron

Together, the five different robot lions, and Space Explorers that navigate them, form one giant robot; Voltron - Defender of the universe!