Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top 12 Christmas Gifts - SFD Sneaker Store

Winter is closing in and soon it´s time for chrismas and holidays. So I have put together a selection of good things to get for yourself or put on your wish list. It´s a mix of warm, stylish and comfy clothing and shoes for men and women. Enjoy the SFD Sneaker Store´s selection!

Mel Store Manager SFD Sneaker Store

Mens Favorites

As the name says, an all day hoody. I like the sound of it and the material is so soft.
The color Black is my thing and Jordan does it right.

Price: 69 € / 699 Sek

Snowboarding is not my strong suit but i like different designs and even better when collabos actually turn out to be good. Like this Jacket, which is one of my favourites from the Adidas x Burton line.

Price: 259 € / 2599 Sek

I chose this one foremost for it's fleece lining.
It's very soft and will keep you warm, definitely a winter savior.

Price: 89 € / 899 Sek

Probably the most lightweight jacket i ever met that still keeps you warm enough. 
The smart pocket solutions for iPhone/Mp3 is just awesome, not to mention the Price!

Price: 179 € / 1799 Sek

Who actually need boots? When you can get The Lunar Macley. It's a new shilouette that has joined us and i must say i like this one. The Lunar sole and the rugged look does do a good
combo and is good for the winter.

Price: 129 € / 1299 Sek

Adidas Originals Nizza HI
More stylish and fashionable sneaker can not be find. I've always loved the Nizza. Especially these that is one-colored. The leather material and the inner wool lining is just perfect. No freezing feets and you still look good. What can i say, fashion before function, for me at least. And the best part is that they come in small sizes too ladies!!

Price: 99 € / 999 Sek

Womens Favorites

A chic puffer jacket with goose filling. Perfect choise for the Original Lady that wants a
a jacket with style and comfort in mind.

Price: 99 € / 999 Sek

An easy to wear jersey top with a classic Nike sportswear graphic. 
Easy to match with a pair of slim denims/leggings.

Price: 59 € / 599 Sek

A girls best friend must be these sweat pants. Cozy and Comfy.
An easy and smart pick for your girlfriend for christmas!

Price: 55 € / 549 Sek

My next purchase of sneakers will definitely be a pair New Balance. These 576 modell has that perfect 
Retro-stylish look, which is my number one prefererence when choosig sneakers. I love that supple suede material. It gives that exclusive touch that we ladies like!

Price: 109 € / 1099 Sek

I wouldn't forget the Destroyer. The design is based on the classic Letterman jacket but with an modern twist. Must add that it's my favorite garment so far. Perfect for Spring & Autumn.

Price: 329 € / 3299 Sek

The Jodan "Black Cement" in sizes for smaller feet too. Perfect colour for fall/winter and the classic crack pattern makes this one a of the best sneakers on the market! Even your boy friend will be pissed off.

Price: 109 € / 1099 Sek

Monday, November 21, 2011

Air Jordan III Retro "The Black Cement" release 11.11.25

Ready for the big Friday Relase of the Air Jordan 3 Retro, known as the "Black Cement"!!??
We're feeling the hype and the excitement of these Jordan pair. To make sure to be one of the owners of these hot kicks, then make your pre-order today!

Klick here for more info!

Relase date: 2011-11-25 !!

Price: 149 € / 1499 Sek

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adidas Originals x Burton Apparel & Footwear for 2011 Fall/Winter!

Adidas Originals & world's leading snowboard brand, Burton is back at it! Presenting their 2011 Fall/Winter collection. 

The lineup brings an assortment of apparel and footwear. The collabortive includes colors in earth tone schemes. Brown, Orange, Green & Black, with inspiration taken from the 90's snowboarding. The collection also features pieces created by the Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi, such as the Tech Jacket 3L & the winterized sneakers. Showing here is a small part of the collection. To see more of the Adidas Burton creation, check here!

Price info after the pictures..

  This pair is one part sneaker and one part hiking boot and is seen in a rugged leather, suede and mesh build.

Vulc Mid; A chukka style model that features a dark brown suede upper and is highlighted by a woven style toe box as well as a beige midsole/mudguard.

Technical Jacket 3L done with Diaplex membrane, a so called intelligence fabric, has the ability to adapt to certain temperatures and other variables.

A classic parka design, the Casual Down Jacket is more than winter ready with it's 70% down and 30% duck feather insulation. The addition of a detachable faux fur hood completely seals you off from the elements.

Adidas Originals x Burton price info:

- Casual Snow Jacket. 225 € / 2249 Sek
- Burton hoodie.  89 € / 899 Sek
- Flannel shirt. 75 € / 749 Sek
- Burton Vulc Mid KZK. 139 € / 1399 Sek
- Burton Winterball Hi KZK. 200 € / 1999 Sek
- Burton Tech 3L Jacket K. 439 € / 4399 Sek
- Burton Down Jacket. 259 € / 2599 Sek

Monday, November 07, 2011

PUMA X Undefeated Microdot Collection

PUMA and Undefeated bring a new silhouette to their ongoing collaboration, which up until now has focused entirely on the classic PUMA Clyde. The PUMA x Undefeated Microdot Collection features both a Clyde and a PUMA RS, a classic high top that takes design cues from PUMA’s basketball shoes of the mid-80’s. Inspired by patterns and prints generally used in ready-to-wear apparel, the Microdot collection incorporates a subtle dotted pattern on hi-quality suede.

Available in limited quantities in black and grey, the Microdot collection is simple, clean and wearable and brings a hint of fashion to PUMA’s most iconic shoe.

Release date: 
November 10th

PUMA Clyde  79 Euro (799 SEK) 
PUMA RS      89 Euro(899 SEK) 

See below for a brief Q&A with Eddie Cruz from Undefeated about the drop:

Q&A With Eddie Cruz:

Q. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the Microdots

A. Inspiration came from early 90's fashion dress shirts. Besides, it's time to start showing a little bit of whimsicalness with kicks going forward.

Q. This is the first time within this collection that you have included a style other than the Clyde, why did you choose the RS and how was it to work with another shoe?

A. The RS’s are a classic looking very timely kick. It's what people want to wear - High Tops. We took a little piece of the Microdot Clyde and applied it to them. I think people will dig them.

Q. Do you plan to explore other styles in future drops? Or stick with the classic?

A. As of now, we plan to stick with the Clyde, although we have some experimental stuff coming up in 2012 with the Clyde. You'll see.

Q. What design challenges did you run into with the Microdots?

None. PUMA got them right on the first go around.

Q. Can you tell us about the name Microdot? Does this have any sort of significance? Or Military inspiration like some of the previous names in the collection?

A. No, not at all. The name Microdot is also an exact description of what we did with this particular drop. I think they look quite sophisticated.

Q. How do you feel this shoe fits into trends our there in the market place right now?

A. You’ll start to see other brands adding fun elements to their kicks. The whole basic thing is almost over. You need a twist on it.

Q. This is the first time you have incorporated a pattern or print in the designs, is this something we will see more of?

A. Yes

Q. How do you feel this drop fits in with the past drops in the collection?

A. Well, it's a Clyde with the same high quality tooling as the previous. Only difference is the pattern on the shoe. It's important for us to stay consistent, but also flex a little bit of flavor to keep things new and fresh.