Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Etnies instore

Fresh kicks is always nice
roland low (E collection)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some store pictures of Six Feet Downand the latest Adidas drop.

Brunnsgatan 9
SAT 12:00-17:00
PHONE 08:568 499 08


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Its a cali n sfd thing

Mune of the day brought to you by Cali n Sfd


Cant stop wearing my Alifes.
One of my favorite sneakers this season are the low 3M reflective alifes, and guess what they look great to a pair of Modern Amusement shorts, and a Clean shirt, this time from Krew

Total price tag on this mune Kr3w Shirt, 649SEK Alife 3m reflective, 1299SEK and the Modern Amusement reversible shorts, 999SEK Total: 2947SEK

We also have lots of nike socks instore and online. Threepacks of noshows in either 3white pairs, or white gray n black. But wait there is more!!!
Three packs of nikes classic tennis socks in three colours 100:- for a pack of three.

Find more stuff from Alife Kr3w and Modern Amusement at

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend riot

Friday and saturday was probably the most crowded days since the opening of Sfd.
I feel like sleeping for 24 hours but it´s more likely that a couple of cold beers is my type of medication after this weekend.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Woooa!!!!!, more sneakers

Sneakers, Trainers, Kicks, call it what you want, we have lots of em!

The lates new balance release, if you ask me the best model of all new balance models, (M1500) and they are surley one of the most comfortable.

Black leather n purple suede.
Awsome colourways....

So fresh so clean, yours for 999SEK.
Even though its not produced in england it sure looks goooooood!
You saw a couple of elites last fall, we liked it so much we just had to see it on our wall again, the price is sweet too, 599 for the elites.
one of the most comfortable shoes at Sfd.
I used my neon green Elites when i was in dominca and antigua, very very comfortable...
What is summer without canvas shoes, you will need at least one pair for those hot summerdays, one model for the guys and one for the ladies.
The price is not that bad on these either. The sixtons are yours for 799SEK.
Think skärgården, Absolute vodka, Midsommar(midsummer) wich we celebrate by stickin a tree in the ground and then we dance like frogs arount it with alot of alcohol in your body,
It makes sense doesnt it...??
Three new Rod Lavers in da hooouse,
the black ones really has a touch of Kim Jones over it,
The white/black takes it to another level with the black sole.
then we have the brown one in suede, also very stylish.

this year they replaced the rod laver logo on the back to a more visable adidas logo on the side. price 899SEK

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Real men wear pink

Aint no thing but a chickenwing

Nike has realised that real men wear pink, here you have three sweet models from Nike.
New model: Air Zoom dunkesto.

Nikes new hybrid, a collabo between the classic dunk low and nikes running sensation Air Presto.
here are the three pinks.
From above air max 90*360 also a hydbrid, this is what you get if you cross an air max 90 with 2006´s air max 360.

Next is the Air max 1, this years most bangin sneaker almost sold out so hurry.

and at the bottom you find the Air zoom dunkesto, nikes latest hybrid at SFD.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

White 90´s

Yupp white nike air max 90´s in da house.... and they come in both mens and wmns sizes.
Not online yet so hurry i only have one pair in each size.

Vacation mode

Summer is on its way, but if you dont have the cash for a vacation buy sneakers instead.
Adidas latest drop are the Gazelle Vacation cities.
the attractive locations are Marrakesh, Ibiza, Honolulu and St: tropez, so if you feel like bratting away in a pair of st: tropez kicks you know were to go.

The Gazelles comes in both mens and wmns sizes.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Elev utställning på konsthögskolan

Våra framtida konstnärer ställer ut

En utav utställarna på konstskolan

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Troy picked the first pair today. First time in store and he liked what found. The 8th pair of 144 belongs to Troy,

Nu e det kalas igen

Yes another fresh drop at Caliroots sneaker store Sfd.

JB Classics*Sneakerpimps

Another very limited sneaker release lands on Six Feet Down Today.
144 pairs has been released and Caliroots sneaker store SFD got a couple of pairs, we are talkin about the Sneakerpimps*JB classics collabo. for more reading.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Gear up for this years hunting season in Nike windrunners and kicks

Parra tee´s and Shoes at SFD Socks and Shoecare now online.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mune of the day brought to you by SFD

Ok, the clothes are not the most recent drop at cali and six feet down, but the paisley tee from the hundreds, together with the hundreds pants and a pair of low chucks is a sweet sweet mune, another option is to try on the new two toungued chucks in black or the john Varvatos chucks to match this awsome mune.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Nike White label favorites now in stock,

What a fantastic day, Nikes white label windrunners is back!!

we recived a bunch of windrunners today, and guess what... Its the favorite ones!
we also added a new colour.. the woven zipped windrunner in khaki/black
Theese models are back in stock
La Splitable sunset windrunner
Woven zipped windrunner (New Colour) when it get wet stars appear allover the jacket, Sweet!
Reversible windrunners in three colours : White/khaki, Purple/black and the favorite Tif/black

Ice Creams for sunny days

Summer is coming and there is nothing better then a icecream a warm summer day.
Here are the flavors you just cant miss!!!