Friday, May 25, 2007

Woooa!!!!!, more sneakers

Sneakers, Trainers, Kicks, call it what you want, we have lots of em!

The lates new balance release, if you ask me the best model of all new balance models, (M1500) and they are surley one of the most comfortable.

Black leather n purple suede.
Awsome colourways....

So fresh so clean, yours for 999SEK.
Even though its not produced in england it sure looks goooooood!
You saw a couple of elites last fall, we liked it so much we just had to see it on our wall again, the price is sweet too, 599 for the elites.
one of the most comfortable shoes at Sfd.
I used my neon green Elites when i was in dominca and antigua, very very comfortable...
What is summer without canvas shoes, you will need at least one pair for those hot summerdays, one model for the guys and one for the ladies.
The price is not that bad on these either. The sixtons are yours for 799SEK.
Think skärgården, Absolute vodka, Midsommar(midsummer) wich we celebrate by stickin a tree in the ground and then we dance like frogs arount it with alot of alcohol in your body,
It makes sense doesnt it...??
Three new Rod Lavers in da hooouse,
the black ones really has a touch of Kim Jones over it,
The white/black takes it to another level with the black sole.
then we have the brown one in suede, also very stylish.

this year they replaced the rod laver logo on the back to a more visable adidas logo on the side. price 899SEK

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