Friday, May 30, 2014

SFD Sneakerstore Weekend update!

This Wednesday we had our big release together with Reebok and our partners AOD,

(All out dub step) music crew. Together we've created this Reebok classic club going sneaker!

Nike presents: Hyperfuse Tech Windrunner!
From Footwear to apparel, Nike applies Hyperfuse techonology to the latest Tech pack collection.
Taped/bonded ripstop delivers a lighter and more durable garment.

Available in store & Online!

Nike Hyperfuse Windrunner !
The Nike Tech Windrunner Men's Jacket features the iconic chevron lines of the original track jacket updated with lightweight transparent colour-blocked nylon and mesh lining to help keep you cool and comfortable.
Comes in two different color-combinations. 

White-Black Art. no: 585109-100

Nike Tech Hyp Windrunner. Art no: 585109-604

Nike Womens Tech Hyperfuse Poncho! 
White - Art. no 588172-100

Check out the video for more inspiration!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

DJ CHEFAL about the AOD - London connection and the Reebok AODXCR collab


 One of the pioneering Dubstep DJ’s, Chefal aka Chef, hailing from the home of Dubstep, Croydon, South London has
been mixing since the age of 11..

Chefal is one of the most technically gifted DJ’s in the UK and reguraly DJ’s all the around the globe having played
hundreds of the worlds best nightclubs and festivals.

He is renowned for his tight and fast 3 deck mixing, seamlessly blending the latest upfront tunes with unreleased golden
classic dubs, far from predicatble, Chefal likes to showcase the wide variety of sounds and styles Dubstep has to offer
never just sticking to 1 sound for too long or simply following trends..

You’ll get a good taste of this variety in the 45 minute exclusive mix he’s done exclusively for the these ltd edition

DJ Chefal about the trainers

Dj Chefal & AOD 
- AOD members, L­Wiz were one the very first producers outside of London to
make an impact in Dubstep.. I met L­Wiz over ten years ago at an early Dubstep night in London.

- I’ve been playing All Out Dubstep parties for over 6 years now after meeting Irk through Skream. Since then the AOD
crew have become family and I’ve witnessed firsthand how much time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears has
been shed by them in order to put on proper Dubstep parties in Sweden. These guys have not diluted they’re sound for
hype or money and have kept it true to the real principles of dubstep and over the part 6 have brought over so many
great artists.

- Caliroots is a great shop, i’ve done a lot of shopping in a lot of cities and I can honestly say Caliroots is one of the best
shops for limted edition streetwear and trainers in the world.. I’ve bought some of my favourte trainers, hats and jackets
from there when i’ve been in town and when i’m not the website is great to keep tabs on what’s fresh.

The Shoe:
- It was great to be asked by Irk to be part of the team and a pleasure flying over to Stockholm to help brainstorm different colourways and design this special Trainer, especially as back in the UK, Reebook Classics are an iconic shoe with a long heritage so it’s great to be a part of this.

 - Now more than ever trainers are serious business, I don’t think anything reflects a person image or lifestyle more than
their kicks right now.

- When I put on a pair of trainers in morning I like to put on a pair that are flexible and can blend in well with whatever I
may end up doing that day, they need to look as smooth in the club as they do in the gym and these trainers are just

- One of the main things I wanted to make sure was on final shoe was the ‘’ice soles’’ to represent the cold fresh swedish
winter and the piles of ice on the side of the roads that I’ve got to know so well in Stockholm, this also represent the link
between Stockholm and London as we’re no strangers to ice in the uk when it’s winter either!

- The velcro pocket on the tongue for the usb stick will come in handy as a secure & dsicrette way to carry a usb stick,
debit card, front door key or stash some money early on in the night for the cab fare home later!

AOD crew about the Reebok AODXCR collab - Gena & Trickykid

Ever since the dawn of All Out Dubstep, back in 2007, the residents IRK, TRICKYKID, SYSTEMATIC, I&I, KALAWANJI, GENA and L-­WIZ have been pushing the Swedish dupstep scene forward. Providing bassheads with the thrill of feeling heavy basslines lurking up the spine, keeping those heads nodding to the beat. Always with excellent execution and a massive sound system.

Meet two of them here Trickykid and Gena

4 qick questions to Trickykid

Whats your background?

Started djing dnb late 90's and found dubstep thru Lwiz who gave me my first dubstep 12" 

Tell us little about AOD

AOD is a group of djs producers and promoters that has pushed the bass sound since day one. 

Your best memory from a AOD night

So many good nights but my best moment though was a party at kafe 44 when Kutz first  played Skream - Filth such a classic tune.

Your relationship with Reebok and what do you think about the collab?

I love the Classics from Reebok such as kamikaze or Pumps and i really love the collabo, its has a really clean design and really nice details.

Whats your background?

I started out life as a techno DJ back in 1995. It wasn't long before I gained the respect of my peers such as Adam Beyer and Joel Mull as the only female techno DJ in the Swedish club scene at that time. This was documented in a book called “Techno - musiken, dansen och scenen” by Sara Larsson  (1997).

Fast forward to 2007 and I helped to forge the mighty All Out Dubstep Crew, running a host of parties across Sweden, Europe and Asia. I've been  playing alongside some of the dubsteps scene’s biggest stars such as Benga, Skream, Distance, Mala, Coki, Silkie, Chef, Kromestar and many others.
Alongside hosting events I've been lucky enough to have made numerous appearances on Swedish national radio, completed guest mixes for brands such as Nike, Reebok, Fenchurch. In 2013 I was asked by Swedish grime artist Max Peezay to be his tour DJ and played a host of sell out venues and even made an apperance alongside Max on Swedish TV.
My Dubstep sets often incorporate different genres, such as Future Garage and Kuduro as I find the BPM's compliment each other well . One thing is for certain, I always try and hunt down tracks with bone shaking baselines and rough edgy beats.
Hence the reason I've been dubbed “THE QUEEN OF BASS”

Tell us little about AOD

Before AOD was formed, Trickykid and I already knew each other and we always respected each others individual styles, Trickykid playing drum & bass and myself playing breaks and dubstep at that time. We all got drawn to the newly emerging dubstep scene and somehow we found like minded individuals who also where starting to latch on to this new and fresh sound. Through hooking up with L-wiz and Daniel Irk we decided that in order to bring this sound to a wider audience we needed to form a collective and that's a very short version of how AOD was formed. A lot of time and parties have passed since then, so you'll have to excuse the vague explanation. LOL.

AOD started out on a small scale at a local bar for 50 people. Some people didn't understand what we were doing, but we kept banging away at it, for those who did! So we gained more interest and moved on to bigger venues with international bookings. The scene started to grow bigger, so we expanded AOD into a record label and a clothing brand. We also put more effort into providing a whole concept with fat sound systems and visuals. We also took our club concept to other cities in Sweden with regular resident nights. Through the years we've been playing in Europe, Asia and USA and we've managed to build a big network with international producers, dj's and promotors. As a group we are very passionate about the music, the experience and the brand.

Your best memory from a AOD night

One of my best AOD memories is a gig at the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg a few years ago. The venue was at a museum with really weird architecture. We had booked Artwork and Max Peezay as the headliners. It was such a vibrant night and we had a huge turnout of people, much more than we ever expected. I remember looking out from the booth with a big smile thinking that this is what it's about! Wicked music, good sound system, stunning visuals and hundreds of people dancing.

Your relationship with Reebok and what do you think about the collab?

I think the collab with Reebok goes hand in hand with our concept. Most people going to our events are quite urban and so are we. So putting AOD together with Reebok and Caliroots (who've been supporting us for many years), felt right and the result is a really cool and limited edition shoe for the club and the street! So Thanks!!!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Air Jordan 6 Retro 'Carmine' + Air Jordan 1 Retro OG BG Release!!

In store Release - 12.00 CET
Online - 09.00 CET

Sizes available - US 8,5-11,5
Boys Grade 3,5y-6y

Air Jordan 1 Retro OG BG - Sizes 3,5y-7y

SFD Weekend update / Payday!!

Hello weekend and hello sun! The heat is on us and we're feeling that the Summer is here. Not to mention that it's Payday in Sweden!

Don't miss out on stepping by the store this weekend.
A few number of new models by Nike sneakers has landed.  We've added some new caps to our New Era wall. You can also see that we got the Majestic Letterman Jackets if you want to support you're team in style. We've previously informed about the special Tournament pack Adidas Originals drops next weekend. Although you can get it in store today, if you're lucky, we might have you're size in.

Welcome in!

Womens Nike Racer tank's!

Nike Air Max 90 Jaquard in new colorway!

Nike's latest update on these icons, The Nike Air Max BW BR + Air Max 1 BR. 
More lightweight, more comfy, more breathable! Basically the best choice for Summer if you 
prefer to rock Air Max!

New Era; 9fifty, 59fifty /
Majestic Letterman jackets; New Yankees, Raiders & New York Rangers 
( Price: 799:- In store only)

Adidas Originals Tournament pack! 
Online release 31th May.

Monday, May 19, 2014



Friday, May 16, 2014

SFD Sneakerstore weekend update!

This weekend the sun is shining on us. Are you in town? Then put Six Feet Down store on you're 'to do' list. We got plenty of new styles for this Summer that you will drool on.
We are also having a Mid season sale in store with some selected styles you can't miss on!

Welcome in!

Eye-candy for girls! This is the latest from Nike apparel. You can find Tanks, Wind runners, Jogging leggings, Running shorts and more here in our Nike shop-in-shop!

Nike updates their classic Windrunner jacket with hyper fuse technology! Very lightweight!!

Get you're kid swagged out with a pair of Nike Air Max 1/90. Here in fresh color-combos!

Womens / Mens Nike Pegasus 30+ in different colors are in now!

 Womens Nike Printed leggings.

New colors of the Adidas Campus 80's!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jordan 5Lab3 In store release!




Instore release at Six Feet Down (Regeringsgatan 75-77) Saturday May 17th 12:00 CET.
Sizes US7-US14. Limited numbers/only 1 unit per customer.
If anything is left, the remaining pairs will go live on the online store later that day.
Stay tuned on instagram, @CalirootsStore.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Six Feet Down in store update!

Few weeks ago we had both Adidas and Nike here for an in store make-over. This is the final look, what do you think? Looking good right?