Friday, May 31, 2013

SFD Weekend Outfit by Adidas Originals

This weekend we wanted do a little diffrent and choose to show an Outfit for ladies by Adidas Originals. 

Model is wearing an oversized tee with a big Adidas trefoil detail on back. Combining the Camo leggings 
and the Nizza Classic with Camo print as well. We like camo, it's never too much. Very comfy yet very stylish. 

You like the outfit?! You can get it in store @ SFD Sneaker store or Online today!

See price info after the pics.



Adidas TRF Logo T Dress - 249 Sek / Euro 25 / Dkk 199
Adidas Originals Camo Legging  - 249 Sek / Euro 25 / Dkk 199
Adidas Originals Nizza Classic 7 - 499 Sek / Euro 49 / Dkk 399 (Avalible from Us 5-12)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Caliroots Sneaker Swap Meet 2013

This is the 7:th annual Sneaker Swap Meet in Stockholm.

For the first time at Trädgården and in sunshine, with 40 tables and 2000 visitors (800 at Nalen last year).

We like to thank all the sellers, staff, dj´s and everybody that come to the event. We like to thank Adidas Originals and all other partners for making this event possible!

Photos by: Thomas Karl Thomas Karl-Johan Gunnarsson from RMH SWEDEN