Sunday, May 25, 2014

DJ CHEFAL about the AOD - London connection and the Reebok AODXCR collab


 One of the pioneering Dubstep DJ’s, Chefal aka Chef, hailing from the home of Dubstep, Croydon, South London has
been mixing since the age of 11..

Chefal is one of the most technically gifted DJ’s in the UK and reguraly DJ’s all the around the globe having played
hundreds of the worlds best nightclubs and festivals.

He is renowned for his tight and fast 3 deck mixing, seamlessly blending the latest upfront tunes with unreleased golden
classic dubs, far from predicatble, Chefal likes to showcase the wide variety of sounds and styles Dubstep has to offer
never just sticking to 1 sound for too long or simply following trends..

You’ll get a good taste of this variety in the 45 minute exclusive mix he’s done exclusively for the these ltd edition

DJ Chefal about the trainers

Dj Chefal & AOD 
- AOD members, L­Wiz were one the very first producers outside of London to
make an impact in Dubstep.. I met L­Wiz over ten years ago at an early Dubstep night in London.

- I’ve been playing All Out Dubstep parties for over 6 years now after meeting Irk through Skream. Since then the AOD
crew have become family and I’ve witnessed firsthand how much time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears has
been shed by them in order to put on proper Dubstep parties in Sweden. These guys have not diluted they’re sound for
hype or money and have kept it true to the real principles of dubstep and over the part 6 have brought over so many
great artists.

- Caliroots is a great shop, i’ve done a lot of shopping in a lot of cities and I can honestly say Caliroots is one of the best
shops for limted edition streetwear and trainers in the world.. I’ve bought some of my favourte trainers, hats and jackets
from there when i’ve been in town and when i’m not the website is great to keep tabs on what’s fresh.

The Shoe:
- It was great to be asked by Irk to be part of the team and a pleasure flying over to Stockholm to help brainstorm different colourways and design this special Trainer, especially as back in the UK, Reebook Classics are an iconic shoe with a long heritage so it’s great to be a part of this.

 - Now more than ever trainers are serious business, I don’t think anything reflects a person image or lifestyle more than
their kicks right now.

- When I put on a pair of trainers in morning I like to put on a pair that are flexible and can blend in well with whatever I
may end up doing that day, they need to look as smooth in the club as they do in the gym and these trainers are just

- One of the main things I wanted to make sure was on final shoe was the ‘’ice soles’’ to represent the cold fresh swedish
winter and the piles of ice on the side of the roads that I’ve got to know so well in Stockholm, this also represent the link
between Stockholm and London as we’re no strangers to ice in the uk when it’s winter either!

- The velcro pocket on the tongue for the usb stick will come in handy as a secure & dsicrette way to carry a usb stick,
debit card, front door key or stash some money early on in the night for the cab fare home later!

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