Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Its a cali n sfd thing

Mune of the day brought to you by Cali n Sfd


Cant stop wearing my Alifes.
One of my favorite sneakers this season are the low 3M reflective alifes, and guess what they look great to a pair of Modern Amusement shorts, and a Clean shirt, this time from Krew

Total price tag on this mune Kr3w Shirt, 649SEK Alife 3m reflective, 1299SEK and the Modern Amusement reversible shorts, 999SEK Total: 2947SEK

We also have lots of nike socks instore and online. Threepacks of noshows in either 3white pairs, or white gray n black. But wait there is more!!!
Three packs of nikes classic tennis socks in three colours 100:- for a pack of three.

Find more stuff from Alife Kr3w and Modern Amusement at www.caliroots.se

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