Thursday, February 15, 2007

Petters Sneaker release with RBK at SFD

The Petter Sneaker that we have been waiting for is finally here, it will drop tomorrow, instore and online at 12:00

The shoe is a remake of the popular DJ II but with some enhancements.
first you have the Petter logo at the top of the toungue, then one at the heel cap,
however the real deal is the insole wich features, some quotes from several of his lyrics over the year such as

  • "Det går bra nu"
  • Siktar mot toppen så långt jag kan nå, kommer in rullar hårt i sthlms terräng
  • Jag ger lektioner förklarar funktioner för personer som missat poängen dissat hela svängen
  • and many more,

be one of the firts to get a hold of Swedens biggest Rapper signature sneaker,
Lace up son!!!

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