Tuesday, February 06, 2007

SFD NEWS: Nike, New Balance, and Adidas

White label
leather windrunners
Nikes Leather windrunners must be the one of the nicest jackets i have seen, the mix between the classy leather, and the design of a classic windrunner is fenomenal. it comes in two colours, white and black and there is only a few sizes in each jacket. dont sleep. Buy Here



New Balance CAR PACK

The car pack features three models, each inspired by a classic car, Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche Carrera and Triumph Herald.
A nice addition to the Wall of Kicks at SFD, all the shoes from our sale is now gone so drop by for some fresh runners at brunnsgatan 9

Kareem Abul Jabbars



Legendary basketball player and final boss in the movie tower of death kareem abdul jabbar gets his own.
A new twist to the classic jabbar low , this time a celebration to his short movie career as Final boss in bruce lees tower of death

Maybe he would have kicked bruce lees ass, if he had a pair of theese.
Now YOU can get them at SFD


Joey said...

god damn!

Six Feet Fan said...

jag gillar bloggarna, mkt bra initiativ