Thursday, March 08, 2007

Skull Pack, Fixed Gear pack and Purple pack from from Nike, and the Collective pack from New Balance

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The Fixed Gear pack and the purple pack

The fixed gear pack
"fixed gear pack " bike themehorsehair detailing to resemble the wheel cleaner bike chain patterns and a very fruity and fresh colorway, something for spring/summer

" The Purple Pack"

Can u find the skulls on all of them

  • 574 Shogun
  • 574 Red dragon

The latest drop from New Balance takes us all the way to japan. inspiration is found in the myths of the acient japan. the details on theese beauties are very nice. The Shogun model has a bamboo/katana forest imbroided on both shoes, and the red dragon model has one clean shoe with embroided toe (right foot) and the other one has a Big Red dragon on the side!!! . I have been told that the shoe only will be released in 574 pairs worldwide.

There has been alot of talk about this drop, some claim that the shoe is made in England, thats wrong, New Balance has moved most of their production to China.
Only a few models are still produced in England.

Shogun to the left and red dragon to the right

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