Tuesday, April 17, 2007

White Label Nike Apparel (summer fresh)

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The most wanted nike gear now instore.
Reveribles Split jackets, and other mad stuff.

This is so clean it hurts

what hides in here a Nike+Lowdown magazine collabo. GREAT!!!

I always wanted the LA sunset on my windrunner, especially when u can whear both jackets at the same time.
Sunset grayscale always works, this looks great!!!

the previous models became classics in a week, I suspect this one to be the same, match them with your AIR MAX 90 or AIR MAX 1´s coming to us very soon,

one side day the other night, this is one of the splits jackets that landed here seen combined with each other

Let it rain, this one looks better when it rains, small star appear when it gets wet, this is a must have

Babe aint got nothin on us Nike heads,

Mash up with all types of materials
Jerry Seinfeld once bought a shirt.. u know the rest
Slick nike jacket two colours


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