Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It is Cali's 3rd year going strong, and to celebrate that, we have released a special product (Bijules x Cali Pendant).
That was just the start, wait until you see what we've got cooking next! This thursday Cali starts a week of celebration, with the release of a specially made, exclusive, limited article of clothing each day!
It's the result of a collaboration between Cali and some of our artist and designer friends that we've grown to know during our three years. With a new release every day, you've got one week of very limited and excklusive clothing to look forward to.
We start off this thursday at 6 pm. The first t-shirt is then available at our store at Brunnsgatan in Stockholm. It will be available online at 7 pm. From august 16th to august 22nd there will be a special campaign at out website which will highlight our anniversary clothing.
Every day during this week at noon, a new release takes place in-store, and later, at 8 pm, the release will be available online.
To start off this wonderful week, we're holding a party this thursday at Pontus!-På Brunnsgatan 1in Stockholm. It starts off at 7 pm and there will be cold Grolsch beer and sushi aswell as good music from our artist and designers friends who will dj during the evening.
This will be a night to remember, so make sure to pay a visit! No need to RVSP, but you need to be of legal age to attend the party.

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