Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sfd Denims


SneakpeakThis friday history is about to be written, Cali and Six Feet Releases the Sfd Denims.

so hood, haha

Release 12:00 Friday the 1/9 instore and 15:00 online

Cali celebrates three years, and the festivities never seems to end!

Our sneakerstore Six Feet Down celebrates a special birthday aswell, their first, so we thougth it would be nice to create a Six Feet Down denim as a birtday gift! The model is our popular Cali-denim that has become the favourite model for a lot of our customers. It's a regular fit, loose down to the thighs and with a tapered leg to get a perfect sneakerfit.

All the features that has made the Cali denims so popular are found here aswell; hidden rivets, organic cotton in lining and pockets and of course "The Cali Sneaker Protector" that protects your shoes from the raw denim to bleed on them. You can see that this is a Six Feet Down pant by the colours used. It's a black raw denim with orange stitching - the same orange nuance used on the Six Feet Down logotype! The logotype can also be seen on the inside of the left pocket! Limited to 112 pairs.

If you snooze you lose!