Thursday, September 13, 2007

Its Purple

The first two sneakers from Nikes "Purple pack" just arrived.
Purple has to be the colour for the year, we released our own purple pack at Cali bout a month ago and is was a huge succes, so the nikes is a great addition to "the year of the Purple"

The first one out is the Trainer 1 With the sole from the Nike Free 5.0. Fits like a sock and is very comfortable. A very good hybrid if you ask me.

Next up is the never dying Nike classic the low dunk, wich is one of Calis/Sfd all time favorites.
What more to say. Its a classic!

They make a pretty sweet mune togeather with nikes tech pack, and it doesnt matter what shoe or jacket you pick cause all the colours can be found in both jackets and kicks, stay on the lookout for the high dunk (arriving in a couple of days) and the Air Max 1

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