Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nike Tech Pack

Tech from Nike!

Black tech!

This jacket is truly a masterpiece. All nylon, covered with a layer of DWR to make the jacket water repellent. Nike has also used no sew technology, which means that there's no holes for the water to seep in to at the seams. The zippers are waterproof and the seams are protected and strenghtened by a rubber film on the in- och outside of the jacket. The model is an updated and modern version of Geoff Hollisters classic windrunner with the iconic chevron at the chest. This is a real technical jacket that is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry this autumn. Thin nylon lining in contrast silver that gives a great look. Mini ripstop makes this a jacket that will last for a long time. 2499:-

The purple and olive/green jackets

Nike has developed a collection called Tech Pack, and just as the name suggests this is a line of technical clothing. The design is done by Jarrett Reynolds and Michael Leon, and they really use every aspect of the sport- and clothing technological development that Nike has gone through during their years, and that is really something!

By using top of the line technology on classic and beloved models, updated with a higher standard and a few adjustments, Nike is really taking a new approach on fashion!

This windrunner is put together by two layers of fabric, the top one being transparent and covering the lower layer, which gives the jacket a great tonal look, and preserves the classic windrunner look! The upper part of the lining is open hole mesh for breathability and the lower layer of the lining is poly jersey for warmth. The zippers are waterproof, and the seams have been sealed with black taping to not let any water in! This is definetly one of this autumn's best jackets.

Thin and lightweight jacket in nylon that will keep rain and winds out, without any rustling sounds. 1499:-

Olive/Brown metallic

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