Monday, October 01, 2007

More Pictures from this weekends sneakerswap

The weekend sneaker was a huge succes!
thanks to everyone who came and made this a fun and succesful event!

Camilla with stella and Julia.
Julia learned how to walk in her Stan Smith´s how great is that!
Ken pimped his sneaks with pink laces!
Some last minute bargins
Moon Suck, Viet-Naam, and Mogge
What a mune, these two guy, who are a dancers from paris sure knew what they felt like doin later on that night and thats dancing!
Filip heads home after delivering awsome Reeboks, thank you!
We all know this guy by now,

Adam performing his latest single my Cool, Video Premiere oct-5th

Andreas pickin the winners of adidas win a box competition!

Stussy Dunks

Mikkel from Nike with B-Line Sam!
Filip from Reebok, with our own Einar from
Barbeque. Burgers n hotdogs was on the menu!
Joel our latest addition to the Cali Family, with Maxtha
Fritz, will he ever buy some new kicks, dont think so... hustle

Adidas treat, Win a box. three boxes filled with limited sneakers Materials of the work jackets and other goodiesAdidas Viktor
The brave people who dared to face the rain was happily suprised..

My Blazers, never really appriciated them until today

Nikes, Nikes Nikes, SB´s Jordan´s, Air Max 1´s this was a sneaker collectors dream!


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