Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nike Destroyers "Sweden Exclusive" QS release

Six Feet Down just stepped the game up AGAIN!

the Supreme Quickstrike Destroyer dunk, will release tomorrow 14/12-07

a wool upper top, with the nike logo in wool aswell, the shoe goes in black and burgundy and the heel has Destroyers written in the embossed leather that and Gold MMIV lace locks cant go wrong, This is the shit boys and girls

We are very proud to release this sneaker cuz we are the only store in Sweden that will have them,
We will also release the Nike Dunk High Sub Zero Down Jacket, that is a part of this years destroyer pack,

This baby sure is fire! Varsity bomber jacket made up in this seasons Tech Pack Spec! Rubberized waterproof zippers, taped stiches, armvents, and very solid black/gray tonal detailing!
Special Quickstrike matching relase to the "Destroyer Dunk". Cali Sweden Exclusive. Down Filled Warm

As a bonus we will release the Commuterbag from the tech pack to further celebrate this awsome relase
This bag is probably the most advanced bag I have ever seen, one Sneaker carrier, one for you nike tech jacket(or other clothes, two for laptops, 6 for cameras, ipods and other gadgets, 5 for your documents, and other fun stuff.

you can also modify it or remove some of them if you feel like it, This is a must have for all you people with a fetish for gadgets, Its insane, I dont have a laptop but I must have this bag, guess its a guy thing,

So forget about buying grandma her Christmas gift this is more important

Release tomorrow 11:00 in store 12:00 online,