Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cali denim 08

Another year and another year of new, sweet, super nice Cali denims, the sneaker protector has been improved this year and your sneaks is more safe then ever!

the other big news is the lux leather protector that might sound strange when you read about it but when you have them on its like a new era of denim history, written by Caliroots!!

se the pics and you will know what i mean!

greatness is not something you achive over night it is something you earn!

Cali lux leather protectors in black

the brown leather cali protector

great with a pair of Clae sneaks

sneakerprotector for your white low rod lavers

or for your air max 95 qs edition(yes we have a few pairs left that we had restocked)

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