Monday, April 14, 2008

Alife spring pt 2

Alife´s second spring run has to be one of the most colorful releaseses yet from the kings of NY
Its the same models that released two months ago but with a twist in graphics, materials and colors.

Alife sneakers has over the years become one of the staffs favorite brands and we celebrate every new release by chanting Alife and praying for a good run of sneakers.

Parachute Mid

ripstop allover

Great brands have great runners, this is one of the best

Everybody Hi
ketchup, mayonnasie and mustard, get off with the classic burger addons



and mayo, everyone loves mayonnaise

Kennedy Hi
bright colors makes the summer last much longer!

Public outrage
No getting hi by licking theese, (but you might get there by wearing them)

thats all for now

Viggo the shoe loving dog gave alife thumps up!!

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