Monday, April 21, 2008

Best of both worlds AJF 5

The Ajf 5 is a part of Nike´s fusion series that we have seen alot of this year, the have mixed re made and pimped lots of their more iconic models for a new look.

this has to be one of the best fusions i have seen. By mixing two of nike´s most hunted models, the jordan 5 and the air force mid (also knows as up towns) they have managed to create a sneaker worth killing a few friends over.

the classic jordan tounge and the spiked patterned sole is two charasteristics we know from the jordan 5, the ankle strap stays from the classic Af1 mids. And what would it be without the 23 logo or the lace straps

318608 - 061

318608 - 062 the baddest colorway

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