Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gourmet - Not For Nothin'

Gourmet sneakers saw the light of day last year and has made a huge impression in the sneaker communities. Gourmet is an American brand but with influences from the high end Italian fashion phenomenon aswell as the American sneaker scene. together this results in one of the most clean and fashionable sneakers that I have ever seen.
The shoes are not overloaded with logos and designs, only on the tongue and on the back of the sole. this is a good way to but focus on the greatwork behind this shoe instead of putting main focus on branding.
All in all a clean canvas shoe that has brought the out of the best outta the iconic Jordan sneakers that holds a special place in all sneakaholics hearts.

We are very proud to hold a brand like this in our store, because it´s something we can stand for and something that we really like. The markets future looks allot brighter now that Gourmet is brought into the world

The founders of Gourmet

Jon Buscemi, Greg Lucci and Greg Johnsen are experienced cats in this game and has been at it for some time now and their idéa behind the line seemes like something worth following!
Taking nostalgic pieces of footwear from their American-Italian upbringing and fusing it together with some canvas to make a "grown-up" basketball shoe. They used popular basketball silhouettes of the late 80's and early 90's with the clean lines and fit of classic American autoclave tennis shoes.

Caliroots and Six Feet Down are proud to give our customers Gourmet

Diablo: Black

Diablo: Interblue

: Scarlet

: Eggshell

Santo: Black

Santo: Amethyst

Santo: Basil

Size Guide

Note: slightly smaller the your regular nike us sizes

US 8,5 = Eur 41,5
US 9 = Eur 42
US 9,5 = Eur 42,5
US 10 = 43
US 10,5 = 43,5
US 11 = 44
US 12 = 45

Price 1499:- Sek

Want a pair of Gourmet sneakers??
You can send a request for a pair either via Email to info.sfdsneakerstore@gmail.com or by Calling us at +468 22 40 70 remember to write color size and style for faster service!

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