Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reebok to the people

We got a MASSIVE shipment of beautiful Reeboks today, including some of the best releases from Reebok in a while...

Starting of with the Freestyle Hi Paris from the World Tour Collection. This one is desgined by megahip french electropopstar Yelle, see her most famous banger here.
Shown by our superintern Solyana.

VERY deatiled with pretty pink satinlaces, black and white stripes, patent pink straps, beige-on-white flower print and some extra red for that extra french touch!

Next up is a white/gold Freestyle Hi-Top with Reebok OG-logo all-over printed in gold and white satin laces.

Two more Freestyle Hi-Top's for all the ladies...

A black/pink polka-dotted cool one with patent straps and satin lining, yepp, in pink aswelll.

And a white/pink one, same details, polka dots and patent straps.

And now a little something for the boys.
The classic NPC in a fresh casual version in white with beige details and a plaid liner.
The NPC never goes wrong.

A summersparkling Pump Running Dual with NECKBREAKING detailing! Oooooh, the colors...

Last but not least, Reebok has FINALLY brought back the Reverse JAM, a beauuuuutiful old b-ball classic. The story has it that the shoe features in the old movie "White Men Can't Jump" with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson from back in '92.
Regardless of that, it's an awesome sneaker that oozes with style!

Spreckled midsole and the fattest tongue out there, perfect to pop on the outside of your pants for that extra steez!

Here's the white one.

And the black/pink(!) one, enjoy!

It ain't easy being this good...

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