Thursday, February 05, 2009

Originals by Originals

Alyasha Originals by Originals
Official sweden release 12 Feb 09
Pictures of the collection and more reading about Alyasha and his thoughts and inspirations here

We are proud to present to you the first pictures on the ”O by O” collection from Adidas.
Caliroots/Sfd has been chosen to be the exclusive account in Sweden for the introduction of the “Originals by Originals” concept done by Alyasha.

The wall is starting to take place and we are very exited for the first part of the collection. The staff all have our own favorites so there wont be any fighting among us, but make sure to be here early to get ahold of your favorite pieceWe all have our favorites so there might be

You can also see the full collection here

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