Monday, March 09, 2009

We dont feel the heat

Air Max Heat? Air Max Tababla..blabla...

The latest nike drop has been said to be inspired by Nba basketball team Miami Heat. alot of blogs sneaker forums and more claim to know the history and inspiration behind these kicks but we are not sure...

I love TB could be Tamba Bay, same state as Miami and all, but no.
If you look at the colorway of the shoe, it looks as the inspiration is taken from Portland
rail Blazers wich is located in Nike state Oregon (Nike Headquarters) the only thing that bothers us is the color of the text I LOVE TB



Thanks CH..
this is our theory we rather be wrong then not knowing


Euro 112,96 €
Pound Sterling 108,25 £
US Dollar 144,33 $
Japan Yen 21.295,08 ¥

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