Thursday, July 02, 2009

Adidas Campus vs zx 500

We just recived a fresh delivery from adidas, the new Campus evelotion, Campus 80s and the ZX 500 in a nice blue version!

Campus evelotion does not only have a classic look, it also has nice discret details!

What is more amasing is the nice price!

Only 54 € or 599 kr!!!

If you are more into the white/white style then this is the latest edition, also a Campus modell called Campus 80s, soon online but instore right now!

Price: 72 € or 799 kr

Not long ago we got the zx 500 in a green style, but the latest edition to the ZX line is the aqua colored ZX 500, get them at Sixfeetdown or online!

Price 72 € or 799 kr

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