Tuesday, September 01, 2009


New Balance has recently released pairs of classics
and ofcourse SFD got'em, check them out!!

Classic 577 runner. One of the most distributed shoe for New Balance
Colours: Dark navy/Grey
Price: 999 SEK ( 95 € )

This one is also a classic and a timeless shoe. It takes an important place in the New Balance collection and was a big part of New Balance 100 years celebration in the year of 2006.
Colours: Dark navy/purple
Price: 999SEK ( 95 € )

Another Classic Made in England with original colours.
Colours: Grey/black
Price: 999 SEK ( 95 € )

New Balance Heritage Tech. Before it was Developed as a racer shoe and now its sneaker fashion with a new colourway!!
Colours: Pink/Grey/blk
Price: 899 SEK ( 85 € )

Last but not least this one is originally a shoe from the 90's made for real runner fans.
Colours: Blue/Orange
Price: 899 SEK ( 85 € )

Get them!

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