Monday, November 23, 2009

Feeling Blue..

Instore today, we have some nice blue matchable outfits we would
like to introduce to all ladies!

The blue color is not just any blue, it is the Adidas Original blue!

We got:

The Trefoil Hood with a big silver Adidas Logo on the chest.
Has a clean and very pure look.
Price: 699 SEK / 69 €

The Adidas D Sleek Velour Pant. Got to get this one my self.
It's so comfy and you don't want to take it off, believe me!
Price: 599 SEK / 59€

The D sleek Logo tee with silver Adidas Logos on the left chest.
Price: 299 SEK / 29 €

The D sleek Medalis track top with a classic look but it's
longer in length. Has a big Adidas silver logo on the back.
Price: 799 SEK / 75 €

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