Thursday, November 12, 2009

SFD Top 3 Favourite Winter products!

We made a little SFD wish list of the favourite jacket products
we have this season! The chosen items consist three jackets
and are from the Nike F/W collection.

Top 1.
First out we have the Padded winterized windrunner.
This one goes home because of my love for purple and the
extra padding is just perfect for outdoor activities!!
Price: 999 SEK /85 €

Top 2
I had to go for the Parra tech bomber jacket, because i personally
think it is the best looking jacket at the moment. The collaboration
with Parra have really resulted in a nice mix. The art is so Parra
and it can't go wrong. It does really speak for it self!
(Availibe also in wine red)
Price: 1599 SEK / 149 €

Top 3
The right thing this season is to get a reversible jacket.
This pick is the Canyon Down jacket,which is perfectly
puffed with warmth. It has definitely a perfect fit,
and looks very good on, i can guarantee!
Price. 1999 SEK/ 179 €

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