Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Nike Mens Runners!

More good products is being delivered to the store, and we are
glad to introduce today's menu with four different Runner jackets
by Nike! Very delicious designs and colors...

First we have the Nike Reversible Superrunner
(art.no.362974 670) jacket. A classic jacket that gets 2 in one
upgrade, with two very unique looks. The fabric is specialised
that puts your comfort to a premium!! 79 € / 899 Sek

Secondly we have a clear blue Nike windrunner jacket,
(art. no. 362926 453) that features vibrant prints with waterproof
details, upgraded version on a iconic design! 95 € / 999 Sek

Nike CB Woven FZ Hoody (art.no.362926 453), this jacket make
the Spring come to you! It has a classic style in a white crisp upper
and navy contrasts! Super fresh and a nice price!! 59€/599 Sek

And as a closure we have the Nike Firefly Jacket,
(art.no. 363346 010) designed for your on-the-go-action!
The Firefly jacket features a packable design with super
lightweight construction! 79 € / 899 Sek

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