Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Nike Air Max News!!

Now we have three of the latest Nike Air Max sneakers
instore & online!!

The classic Air Max 90 and Air Max light is here with a
really clean and basic colorways. Perfect, for those who
doesn't give up the black or the white.

The Nike Air Max 90 ( 309299 908) has a really cocky
appearance. With its black and metallic silver leather mix!!
129 € / 1299 Sek

Then we have the Nike Air Max light (315827 008),
with black/jetstream white. Another sick desing with a clean
colorcombination. And as the most AM's are,
this one is an European exclusive!
129 € / 1299 Sek

I don't remember when nike last released a pure white sneaker.
And the day is here, the freshest of them all. Nike Air Max light
white/white. I was really dazzled by this amazing white shoe.
A must have for sure!!
129 € / 1299 Sek

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