Friday, April 09, 2010

Adidas Originals Nizza Hi Part 1

Adidas really knows how to keep classic styles in life.
Now the shoe is back, The Adidas originals Nizza hi with
it's fresh and simple design, that works for all sneakerheads
out there!!

We have two Nizza Hi tops with one that comes in a blue
nylon canvas with fresh white contrasts. A perfect Spring shoe!

Then we have the second arrival, which is the Nizza Hi Grün
in Black Rasta colormix, that is seen on the three stripes.
We also recognize the Grün title, that it is made of recycled materials.
Nice & Eco friendly, for a price of only 69 € / 699 Sek for both styles!!

Adidas Originals Grün (art. no G16228 )

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