Monday, April 19, 2010

Fit of the day by SFD!

It's a new week and we're starting it with an outfit that we've put
together by Adidas Originals, and from their S/S A.039 line

1. Adidas Originals M Col Block Jacket
Cotton Pique structure zip sweater. 99 € / 999 Sek

2. Adidas Originals M Striped Crew .
Red with navy striped detailing. 89 € / 899 Sek

3. Adidas Originals Double Play.
A new model of the A.039 line in soft blue leather
and gum sole. 89 € / 899 Sek

Go to to see more detailed pictures
of the A.039 Collection!!!

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Anonymous said...

Vad är det för jeans?