Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Nike Air Attack pack X Part 2

Nike and The Air Attack pack releases their second drop,
including not only sneakers, but also some nice garments to
match with it! As you can see, we made a very simple outfit
that is easy to wear. Most of all, that is comfortable!

Model 1 is wearing:

- Nike AD Wrap Around tee
39 Euro/399 Sek

- Nike Air Pixel Cap; Multicolor snapback!
29 Euro / 299 Sek

- Nike Air Max Turbulence + 16 ; Is a bit of a newcomber in to the
Air max world. Not only the comfort and it's strong durability, it is
also designed to meet the needs of an everyday runner!
(Includes an ipod sensor)
109 Euro/1099 Sek


Model 2 is wearing:

-Nike Air 643 cap; Black on black! (One size)
29 Euro/299 Sek

- Nike Big Air Tee; AIIIR!!
35 Euro/349 Sek

-Nike Air Max 24/7; Nikes newest Air Max runner! The 24/7
is a hybrid of three great history of Air Max models. The 95,
97 and 360, using a metallic silver canvas material! This creation
is made for the next generation of classically sneaker looking runner!
239 Euro/2399 Sek

Nike Air AW84 Cap; Red vs Blue!
29 Euro/299 Sek

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