Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SFD's favourite 5 this Summer!

The summer in Stockholm continues and we have pumped
up the stores with some really nice products for the new season.
Besides that, I have chosen five of my favorite summer products
from the collection, which you still can get a hold of! Check it out!!

No.1 - Nike Air Mariah (395756 001) Instore news!

A lightweight retro-looking runner with black base
with neon orange outsole and details. I love this model,
though it's only men size, but you can always get it for
your b-friend.

Price: 129 € / 1299 Sek

No.2 - Nike Summerized Windrunner - Blue/purple.

We can say that purple is the new black. And this windrunner
talks for it self. Purple color and lightweight. It wins!

SALE price: 40 € / 400 Sek) Was: 79 €/799 Sek

No.3 - Nike Air Max 1 (308866 106)- White/grey/neon orange.
I love this one for it's colormix, gives a really summery freeling!!

SALE Price: 60 € / 600 Sek
Before: 119 €/1199 Sek

No.4 - New Balance (W576RGS). "Made in England"
Ladies! Finally we got a pair od NB's. I have been waiting
for this moment to come. Model comes in suede red with white
detailing. Cool color! Instore now!!

Price: 99 €/999 Sek

No.5 - Nike Air max 90 wmns (325213 101) White/pink/metallicsilver.
Chose this one because it's rare, and this colorcombo will not
come back again! All the ladies who dare kickin' these is my favourite!

Price: 129 € / 1299 Sek

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