Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fit of the week by SFD!

We've seen a lot of cool new pieces from Nike come in this week. Really nice dressier products with a high level of smart detailing and awesome tech materials. The combination of technical sportswear material with classy style is something that Nike has been pushing a lot recently. Personally I'm really feeling it, and here's an example of how to put together some of these great products into a perfect everyday outfit the Nike way: Moving past the Bauhaus mentality of function over form & creating something that looks as good as it performs!


Nike Lunar Vegeance Terra plus (429860 001)
A lightweight retro runner with breathable upper.
equipped with Nike+ for ipod connection.
129 € / 1299 Sek

Nike Selvedge M65 Jacket. (404873 010)
Done in Black selvedge cotton will. Featuring waterproof zipper,
ipod/cord soulution & stow away hood.
269 € /2699 Sek

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