Thursday, April 07, 2011

New Balance Lake District Pack!

The long awaited New Balance Lake District pack has finally arrived!! These lovely shoes are made in the classic New Balance factory in Flimby, A small town in Cumbria in the north of England.

The "Lake District pack" is based on the classic NB567 model made up in beautiful materials such as premium leather & rugged waxed canvas. The pack comes in three different colorways based on the beautiful natural surroundings of the Lake District national park in Cumbria, right near where these shoes are made.

New Balance M576CDW draws it's inspiration from the sea and sailing. Created with premium leather and water resistant waxed canvas. The yellow color in the detailing is derived from classic life jackets & the laces are made to look similar to boat ropes.

New Balance M576CSB comes in a nice washed out light brown shade reminiscent of the Lake District's beaches. The area is also one of the number one spots in England for hiking. The orange colored detailing & rope style laces draws inspiration from the hiker's equipment.

New Balance M576CSF is done up in a beautiful green color inspired by the wood-covered mountains & grassy hills of Cumbria. In line with the hiker-theme the shoes feature back pack inspired detailing & cool laces that reminds us of classic hiking-boots. So Fresh & Awesome!

All three of these beauties has the price set @

€139 / Sek 1399:-

To further understand artisanal nature & craftmanship of a pair of Flimby made New Balance sneakers, take a look at this short film that gives us an in dept & historical view of the factory. Enjoy!!

Created by: Director Andreas Tibblin


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