Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Puma Bike Contest!

Ladies & Gents! We hope that you all had a nice Easter! We're now back on track and we would like to intoduce this week with some nice happenings!

First and foremost, we have started a competition together with Puma for our local costumers. This is what you have to do: You buy a pair of Puma sneakers before the weekend then you will be on the contest to win a really fresh Puma Bike! The winner will be announced on Saturday! So hurry up and buy your Pumas and get a chanse to be the exclusive owner of this Bike that you se right below!

This Thursday we also got a number of free tickets to hand out for those who want to attend the preview to the new action movie "Limitless". Tickets are given by Kingsize Magazine.

Klick here to watch the trailer!

The Puma Bike!

Puma suede classics!

Puma RS1

The Faas 500 in Jamaican vibe!

The Shop from outside!
More Puma styles here!

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