Monday, October 10, 2011

Outfit of the week by Nike Sportswear!

I felt like starting this week with a Nike Outfit. Since we've seen a drop in temperatures
here in Stockholm, we put together a warmer option for the cooler conditions.
We have styled Per in the new Nike NSW Down Destroyer from their Pinnacle line.
It's very soft and comfortable jacket with 100% goose down filling. It will guaranteed keep you warm.
Underneath we have the NSW cross grain fleece crew in Obsidian together with another
great piece, the Nike Selvedge chinos. Featuring Selvedge accents on the back pocket &
a hidden zipped pocket on left leg. Last but not least, the shoes. Here we chose a pair of lined
Hachi leather. A clean choice that won't dissapoint!

Price info after the pictures..



Nike NSW Down Destroyer: 399 € / 3999 Sek
Nike NSW Criss grain fleece cres; 79 € / 799 Sek
Nike NSW Selvedge chinos: 119 € / 1199 Sek
Nike Hachi Leather: 89 € / 899 Sek (Online soon)

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