Friday, October 07, 2011

PUMA X Undefeated Coverblock Clydes

The latest pack in the long term PUMA x Undefeated Collection takes on a new design element; for the first time a toe-cap is incorporated into the classic Clyde design.

Following up on the recent monochromatic trend in the fashion world, the Coverblock Clydes use hi-quality suede in four-wearable colorways to bring an understated sophistication to the shoes.

The PUMA x Undefeated Collection is about bringing a simplistic and classic aesthetic with a twist to PUMA’s most iconic shoe, The Clyde. These new editions embody this with clean lines and four classic colorways for fall. The shoes are being released globally on October 10th, 2011.

                                                Undefeated founder: Eddie Cruz

Q&A With Eddie Cruz:

Q. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the Coverblock Clydes?

A. We wanted to show that it was possible to add a subtle twist to an already classic shoe without compromising the heritage of the Clyde. The Toe Cap kind of makes this a new shoe that is highly wearable and progressive.

Q. Why did you decide to add a toe-cap?

A. We knew we wanted to do a hybrid of the Clyde. However, not in a technical way. The toe-cap made it easy to blend the color of the mid-sole on to the top of the shoe. The possibilities are endless with regard to color and fabrication. We feel like the Cover Block Clydes can be around for a long time.

Q. What design challenges did you run into with the Coverblock Clydes?

A. To be honest, absolutely none. The PUMA crew took our direction and gave us exactly what we wanted.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about where the name “Coverblock Clydes” came from? And how this translates to the shoe?

The term Coverblock comes from the military. It is a simple instrument that helps keep the soldier's caps perfect for inspections. The clean lines of the toe-cap against the monochromatic design of the shoe are suggestive of this idea.

Q. How do you feel this drop fits in with the last 3 drops in the collection?

A. Except for the fact that we like to make kicks simple and wearable with a twist, I think this one kind of stands alone. This is the first Clyde we actually made a major change to. It's different. It's cool.

Q. How do you feel these Clydes fit in with other trends you are seeing in the marketplace? What do you see someone wearing with the Coverblocks?

A. We are seeing the monochromatic trend a lot right now; people are all about monochromatic footwear because it's more understated. The Coverblock Clydes allow you to wear nice selvedge denim or khakis with a nice dress shirt to a nice restaurant or club - maybe even a wedding.

Q. Can you give us any insight about what we may be seeing in future drops?

A. I'm not allowed to get too specific, but in the spirit of flexing good design, as the program continues, you'll see more story and themed based kicks. I like using the word whimsical in design. Whimsical in a smart sophisticated wearable way.

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