Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RANSOM by Adidas Originals F/W 2011

Toronto's street-wear brand Ransom has returned with their new collection for Fall/Winter.

We can recognize some of the styles from erlier drops, such as the Strata and Persona Crest.
Shown below is the famous Strata, that appears with an rugged Wool upper and tan wool on heel.
The wool texture gives that outdoor feeling, which makes the shoe quite unique.

With a neoprene ankle support, rubber sole, waxed cotton upper and we have the Persona Crest.
Suprisingly comfortable. Great for colder weather conditions.

A new shilhouette is added to the ransom collection, the Chase. A stylish and clean model
that is created with the hard and cold weather in mind. Featuring waterproof leather upper.
Favourite pick of mine!

These are now availible in store & Online!

Adidas originals x Strata - 109 € / 1099 Sek

Adidas Originals x Chase - 209 € / 2099 Sek

Adidas Originals x Persona Crest - 289 € / 2899 Sek

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